Ante Kaštelančić, Houses from Trpanj
The Arsenal Gallery
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Title: Houses from Trpanj

Maker: Ante Kaštelančić

Date or Period: 1954

Type of Object: Painting

Subject: Landscape

Materials & Techniques: Oil on canvas

Measurements: 87 x 69 cm

Ante Kaštelančić belongs to a group of painters who, in the 1950s, tended to close their paintings, i.e. make them hermetic. The painting Houses from Trpanj transforms objects into symbols, while colours and shapes become emancipated, thus creating a new lyrical and meditative reality. That kind of painting abandons the concrete and moves towards the abstract. Oton Postružnik, Frane Šimunović and Ivo Dulčić have similar artistic expressions.

Museum: Hvar Heritage Museum

Collection: The Arsenal Gallery