The Arsenal Gallery

Exhibition activities:


  • Drago Štambuk
  • Albert Kinert, The Croatian Cycle
  • Kuzma Kovačić
  • Antun Boris Švaljek
  • Đurđica Katić, Creatures – Stvorenja


  • Darko Šoša
  • Ivo Dulčić


  • Boris Bućan, Struck by Prayer
  • Marin Ribarić, The Warm Light of Music
  • Emanuel Vidović – works from the Art Gallery Split holdings
  • Vera Kovačić, An in-depth Flight


  • Jakov Bratanić
  • Ivica Tomičić Tajnikov, The Secrets of Tajnikov’s Soul
  • Marinko Bibić, Nets
  • Island

Jakov Bratanić



  • Mato Celestin Medović – works from the Art Gallery Split holdings
  • Lomeći valove, the Dagmar Meneghello collection
  • Kažimir Hraste, Lje-tri
  • Ivo Vučetić, To the Source
  • Dalibor Stošić
  • Hvarsko kazalište – Continuity and Renovation
  • Vera Dajht Kralj, The Ancestors’ House


  • Angjeo Uvodić – works from the Art Gallery Split holdings
  • Traditional Clothes from the Island of Hvar in the Works of the Children from The Hvar Kindergarten
  • Grgo Fistonić, Light Objects
  • Juriša Boras
  • Latica Ivanišević, My Hvar
  • Ivan Meštrović’s Drawings
  • Jadranka Merc

Angjeo Uvodić

Grgo Fistonić


  • Mile Skračić, A Wounded Landscape
  • Posters of the Croatian National Tourist Board
  • Grgo Anzulović, Ora et labora
  • Jadran – Colours of Authenticity
  • Gordana Drinković, The Sky
  • Vlaho Bukovac’s Drawings from the Bukovac House in Cavtat holdings

The Arsenal Gallery was temporarily closed due to conservation and restoration works on the building.

The Hvar Heritage Museum

Exhibition activities
The Hvar Heritage Museum owns the exhibition The Arsenal and the Theatre of Hvar – Continuity and Renovation organized in The Arsenal Gallery (in the Theatre lobby) in 2003. Many eminent Croatian scientists and cultural figures (Tonko Maroević and Nikola Batušić, both members of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Dr. Mithad Kozličić and Marin Zaninović, M.A. Goran Nikšić, ingeneer Egon Lokošek, professors Mirjana Kolumbić and Milan Lakoš and many others) participated in it and Latica Ivanišević was the designer and the author of the display. The exhibition aimed to illustrate the past and the present of that cultural area, with the intention of encouraging any project of renovation and revitalisation of the whole complex. The project coordinator was the curator of the Theatre, Professor Mirjana Kolumbić. The exhibition was also mounted in the Gallery of the Restoration Institute in Split, the Ethnographic Museum in Zagreb and the Ars Italica Gallery in Milan, under the patronage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Croatia and the Consulate General in Milan.

The Theatre publishes an informative brochure in four languages, authored by Professor Joško Kovačić, manager of the Croatian State Archives in Split. The exhibition is accompanied by a leaflet in Croatian, English, Italian and German and a catalogue in Croatian, English and Italian, both authored by Mirjana Kolumbić.

The Theatre of Hvar has housed many scientific and cultural happenings as well as festivals traditionally taking place in Hvar, such as the Days of the Hvar Theatre, organized for more than thirty years, the Days of Marulić, Hanibal Lucić’s Days of a Sonnet, International Days of Radio Drama, Short Story Festival, etc.

Perspectiv is an international association of European historic theatres, created in 2003 to gather and organise the representatives of the oldest historic theatres in Europe, organisations or individual experts alike (theatricians, theatre historians, managers, curators, etc.). Theatres from some 16 European countries are members of the organisation. In 2005, Perspectiv had some 60 members, among which the Historic Theatre of Hvar, established in 1612. The headquarters of Perspectiv are in the Goethe Theatre in Bad Lauchstadt in Germany. The association is managed by the Board of representatives of several countries and once in two years it organises conventions in a Member Country. On the initiative of the representatives of the Hvar Heritage Museum, guests at the convention in Vicenza in 2005, Hvar hosted the meeting of the General Board of Perspectiv, which was one of the events during the Days of the Hvar Theatre. That was the opportunity to present the Theatre of Hvar to the Board, inform it of its past and present and stress the necessity to renovate and revitalise the complex.

Hanibal Lucić's Summer Residen

The Days of a Sonnet
The Days of a Sonnet, a poetry contest dedicated to Hanibal Lucić, takes place in his summer residence.

The laureates of The Days of a Sonnet, Jakša Fiamengo and Kuzma Kovačić

The plaque awarded at The Days of a Sonnet designed by Kuzma Kovačić